Our mission is to address climate change by decarbonising the world's commercial buildings

About us

We are a team of industry experts from OVO Energy, Bulb Energy, Rolls-Royce and Boston Consulting Group, passionate about solving our world's real problems in the best way.

Commercial buildings make up more than 30% of electricity consumption globally. We are enabling this huge market to play a major role in the decarbonisation effort for the first time.

We are also committed to measuring and reducing our own carbon emissions.

Our founding team

Meet the founders

Adrian Johnston

Adrian is passionate about solving the climate crisis. Prior to Elyos Energy Adrian spent 5 years as a consultant in the BCG energy practice. Adrian holds a Masters in Public Administration from Harvard where he specialised in climate change and the energy transition. He also holds a masters in Maths from Oxford and an MBA from INSEAD

Philippa Brown

Philippa was previously Head of Strategy at OVO Energy which is the largest green-energy supplier in the UK. Prior to this, Philippa has experience across industrial technology at Rolls-Royce and holds an MBA from INSEAD Business school.

Panos Stravopodis

Panos is an experienced tech leader and was most recently VP Engineering at Zoa and Bulb. Panos has over 10 years experience working in technology as well as a Masters in Software Engineering from University of Amsterdam.