May 21, 2024

Elyos launches energy management across borders

Building for our customers and building for the future

Elyos launches European energy market access with its first end-to-end customer going live across the borders in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. After a huge effort from our engineering teams, our platform now covers multiple currencies, multiple markets and multiple locations. 

This blog summarises our view on international growth as we expand into new regions just 8 months after closing our $3m seed round.  This blog will cover two areas;

1. The importance of building for our customers

2. Why we’re already building for our future state

Building for our customers

Elyos is an energy-tech platform to decarbonise commercial buildings.  We’re building with our customers, for our customers. 

So, what do our customers want?

Our customers range from local councils, NHS hospitals, privately owned real estate investment firms and large enterprise property management companies.  The majority have a significant global presence. 

Energy management (and our wider range of decarbonisation products) for these customer segments requires simplification across multiple currencies, multiple markets, and multiple geographies. Basically, our customers are global, therefore they expect global solutions.

For a simple comparison of what this actually means in practice, think about the banking sector.  You wouldn’t expect to have to open a bank account in every single country you visit in order to make transactions, make purchases, and generally manage your finances.  This friction for customers was solved years ago in the neo-bank era. Companies like Monzo, Starling, and Revolut realised that limitations in banking were self-imposed by the sector's total lack of product innovation.

We’re bringing this thinking to the energy markets.  We’re building one access point, one place of truth, and one touchpoint for our customers. We enable them to access their energy data no matter where they are in the world.

At Elyos, we know that energy shouldn’t have to be more complicated than it already is, so we’re simplifying it for our customers.

Building for our future

At Elyos, we’ve been building for international markets from the beginning.  We believe, building with expansion in mind has the potential to unlock product ideas for the here and now and simplify product build in the future.

Unlocking product ideas

Within the energy sector, there are some pretty core certainties that are relevant across borders and agnostic to the local markets. These are: (1) Regulation will require the phase-out of fossil fuels by 2050, (2) Electricity consumption will triple, and (3) this will necessitate a move towards a decentralised energy sector. These principles are fundamentally true in every market in the world and these are the insights on which Elyos was founded.

However, within markets, there are also nuances and unknowns, small and big differences from region to region.  Each country has its own unique set of regulations, norms, competitive landscapes, and consumer preferences that must be taken into account when understanding the energy landscape.

Thinking about business expansion allows us to better serve our global customers, tap into new customer segments, and understand opportunities that may exist to improve local markets. By embracing a global strategy, or at least thinking about it early, we can unlock innovative ideas that can drive growth and product potential. 

By understanding these differences early on, in thinking about these challenges as we build and as we grow, we believe we’re able to build a product best placed to solve these problems for our global customers.

Simplifying product build

By building with the future in mind, Elyos is establishing a scalable technical solution right from the ground up.  Our platform is ready to expand and stretch in whichever direction the market moves us, enabling pace of execution for our global customers.